Considering a library card

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A long time ago, I used to have a library card and went there quite often to get books, read them and bring them back again. But when my life started to get busier I went there a bit less and didn’t have enough time to read the books in given time. Since then I rather went to second hand book stores, thrift shops and markets to find lettered treasures. I could read them whenever and how long I wanted. When they were really good, I could put them in my cabinets. And when they weren’t I could bring them back or give them away. Nevertheless I wonder, what if I got myself a library card again?

Books at the library are often reprinted again and again and are given covers that suit the latest fashion. I like my books to be old and dusty. To give them eyes to read the words printed onto the paper, after everyone else abandoned them. That’s the emotional reason I don’t want a library card.

But let’s look at the practical side too. A library card costs 46,50 EUROS a year. You can take ten books any time you check out and keep them outside the library for three weeks. Three weeks is not a lot of time. Especially not if you actually want to read those ten books you can check out. If I keep going to my favorite second hand book store, I could buy a book for a couple of EUROS, let’s say they would have a maximum price of 3 EUROS. Keeping in mind those 46,50 EUROS a year, I could buy fifteen books a year. That’s only two less compared to the amount of books I could take outside the library if I only took one for three weeks every three weeks.

Fifteen books a year is quite a lot, looking at my reading habits. This year so far, I have only read two and a half, and I don’t really count the half one since it’s work related. Of course, some of the books cost a bit more than 3 EUROS. If they would have an average price of 7,50 EUROS, I could buy six books a year. I could read them whenever I want. I could store them in my cabinet if they were really good. Or give them away, letting them be read by someone else again.

Roadtrip music?

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I don’t have a real (digital) music collection. Although I like to I must say, but takes up too much space, so I just use Shoutcast on my television instead (it has everything I need, and more!) But now we are planning a trip and I have to drive my car for 3 to 4 hours, I’m in need for some roadtrip music. My favorite radio station will not work after crossing the border and repeating Radar Love on an mp3-player just won’t do for too long. So, let me have it! What’s your favorite roadtrip music? What music do I need to keep awake and focused during our trip?