#HARbq 2009

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As you can see on your right, I’m involved in organizing the Hacking at Random 2009-event. This weekend, we had a pre-HAR experience at the campsite!!

From Saturday till Sunday, HAR-orga stayed at the Easter Hill. Eth-0 provided two large army tents and a field kitchen, apparently one of the brothers has these things stacked up in his army van!
We really had fun, and according to the weather channel, we even got better weather than expected! It only was very, very, very, cold Saturday night. But of course, we fixed that with a nice camp fire. :-)

It was nice to see everyone again, have a moment of bonding with the rest of the crew’s and it was just wonderful to have such a small in-between holiday!

For now, it is just 6 weeks till HAR. I still need to do some things for the Infohelpdesk, but I really can’t wait to finally be there!


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For the few of you, who are following Twitter, CNN, BBCnews and other broadcasts, the following news is not new. But for the ones that don’t have a clue yet, please keep on reading because freedom of speech is under attack.

It might not be your freedom, but on this planet we are all human. We’re all made out of flesh and bones, with blood running through our veins, dreams living in our minds and hopefully a feeling of love burning in our hearths.

In Iran people are demonstrating because the goverment committed fraude in the elections and the wrong guy became their leader. Because of that all newsreporters were kicked out of the country, so they could not spread this news. When the people of Iran found out about the fraude they wanted to know what happened to their votes and went outside, protesting. With the camera’s away, the goverment shut down more of the communication media, telephones are down a lot, the internet is made very slow and blocked, they even shut down the electricity a couple of times to prevent Iranians to spread the news. The goverment thought they could handle everything…

But the people came together, kept asking “where is my vote?” and kept trying to get the news out. Since Monday people were arrested and murdered, students on their way to university, people who Twitter about what happens in Iran, a lot of innocent violence occurs.

A lot of information keeps getting out through some of the Twitter hashtags. All around the world people are defending and standing up against the fraude and censorship in Iran. Even CNN uses the news from Twitter to spread the news into the western world. BBCnews declared to hide faces of protesters in their reports, so those people will not get hunted by police forces. A lot of people are trying to help the Iranians and when we heard this news, we couldn’t help wanting to do something too.

So r3boot decided to write a safe and secure proxy for all of them trapped in the interwebz of the Iranian goverment. He wrote a complete how-to to set up a hidden proxy, which you can read at r3blog’s iran.proxy.howto.

If you Twitter and want to spread this news to help the people in Iran, please add the link of the howto to your tweet. Thank you!