Moving the office

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Since February I work 24 hours a week as a secretary at a housing corporation who’ve merged last year. The corporate policy unit’s officespace was very small and chaotic. Last Monday we moved our 5 offices downstairs to 20 new offices on the 2th floor. It was a really busy day for me and my collegue, the movers and some technical engineers, but at the end of the day all the rooms were decorated! I left the office leaving and knowing it empty.

This afternoon I came back. The first rooms were taken by some of our consultants, the ones after that by the board members and the last room is taken by me and my colleague. Some of the rooms are still empty and dark, but those other rooms really gave me the feeling we have a real office space now. The stationary arrived, our printer works for everyone (and not only me, so my mailbox won’t get spammed like this anymore), the rooms are bigger and it’s actually brighter too.

Tomorrow our new office supplies will be delivered, so I’m going to spent the morning building flip-overs and handing out staplers and stuff. After that our new offices will be really finished and everyone can work on what they have to, not disturbed by stupid little things. Everyone will be (or actually: is already) more relaxed so there will be (and is) less chaos. Me and my colleague are really curious how that turns out!!

Six months

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Today, my cutesie r3boot and I, are six months together! Yay!

About seven months ago, I broke off my relationship. In about the same time, I met r3boot. He was there for me, to catch me when I was about to fall. And it turned out to be a really sweet boy! So after some weeks, we kissed, but I still didn’t want to build something new. It was too fast. But after another week, I couldn’t stop myself and when my sister came to visit us, I told her that r3boot was my boyfriend.

And that was on the 28th of October. \o/