Six months

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Today, my cutesie r3boot and I, are six months together! Yay!

About seven months ago, I broke off my relationship. In about the same time, I met r3boot. He was there for me, to catch me when I was about to fall. And it turned out to be a really sweet boy! So after some weeks, we kissed, but I still didn’t want to build something new. It was too fast. But after another week, I couldn’t stop myself and when my sister came to visit us, I told her that r3boot was my boyfriend.

And that was on the 28th of October. \o/

Stop this new law!

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The EU parliament is getting together at 5th of May, not to celebrate the freedom we have since the second world war, but to vote and take our online-freedom away!

On Blackout Europe you can read more about this law.

The website is legit, although it doesn’t seem this way. We’re trying to get more and more information about this and I’ll update them all.

To prevent a (for us) negative vote and the introducion of this new law, you can write to the europarlementarier of your country, try to get his opinion to change and pray till the 5th of May…

If you’re Dutch, you can write to the people on this list

[edit 27-4 9.15]
Well, that was a quick strike! And not really needed too. We heard about this new law Saturday, when a friend of us noticed it while watching the news channel. But apparently, the law was already denied. Click to read the newsmessage It’s good to know some parliament-people still believe in privacy though…