Typewriter Collectors Meeting

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Today was the Dutch Typewriters Collection Meeting organized by Frank. It was the first time I could attend and I must admit I was quite nervous since I was invited to participate as “the Typosphere”. This kinda felt weird to me, because I don’t see myself only as Typospherian but also as just another typewriter collector. And indeed, some of the attendees assumed I was “one of those youngsters collecting typewriters from the 60’s and 70’s” (which I don’t). So I guess a few people were quite surprised when I unpacked my Diamant and Studio 42. Of course it turned out to be a very nice meeting. They even got me a present! But more about that later, first, I will tell you about the meeting itself.

The meeting started with a speech from Frank, including a small lecture about the development of the typewriter. As a starting point he took Sholes&Glidden and seven of the main improvements: price, noise, weight&size, labor intensity, visibility of typed text and two more I can’t remember right now.

After this, a couple of the collectors made pictures or short video about how their typewriters are stored. Some in the living room, study or office, other in a special housing in the garden or in the basement/attic, others just stacked everything up preventing themselves to find anything back. It was great to see all decors. I also finally decided where I’m going to put up a special typewriter display in my own house!

After lunch Cor showed us a presentation about “flat things”. This included ads, letter heads, sealing stamps and other paper made things about typewriters or with typewriters on it. Very interesting I must say. There’s a whole world out there! So even when I don’t have any space left anymore for typewriters, I can still continue collecting.

The next lecture was more to r3boot’s appeal. He joined me to the meeting because else we wouldn’t see each other this weekend. Jaap’s lecture was about designing his own writing machine. You remember the video about Jaquet Droz’ mechanical writing boy? Jaap reversed engineered it and made a sample of his own. This is version number 2, number 3 is currently in Germany at an exposition.


The last lecture was about where most attendees came for, I believe: ‘Blickensderfer for dummies’. A large photo report about the different kind of Blickenderfer’s, Blicks and Dactyles. Every attendee took some of their Blickenderfer’s to the meeting, so there was a lot to be seen after the lecture.


Although they are all very beautiful, this seemed to be my personal favorite. I simply cannot imagine myself typing on a Blickensderfer. Maybe I’ll just hang one small Blickensderfer at the wall some day.