Beginning of something new?

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You love paper, you cannot walk out of any office without taking a pen you don’t have yet and you also have a couple of typewriters. Sounds like a great combination right? But what to do with all of those pens and papers and typewriters you’ve collected? How can you put them to good use?

Now that my Postcrossing month is over and the last postcards are finding their way into my mailbox, I realized I missed something. I really liked to send all those postcards, I also like to receive some myself. But it doesn’t feel quite right… something isn’t complete.

At least it wasn’t until I received a letter from Keith Sharon, Project 88. I send him a postcard during my Postcrossing month and apparently he got interested. He typed a two page letter asking me all kind of questions about my hometown, telling me about how he enjoys autumn with his son and the Halloween season. After reading it for the second time, it hit me!

Sending a postcard to a random person in the world is fun, but you don’t really connect. You tell them something, but they cannot answer your questions or reply to whatever you have written.

I used to have penpals when I was younger, much younger. Some I met during vacation, others I found in a magazine or something. Although I didn’t manage to keep it up, it was fun. But I always thought it was something for children. Reading more about it at the internet, I now understand there are a lot of people snailmailing.

The last couple of days I searched the web for snailmailing ads. Some were indeed of children, other were only about e-mail conversations, there were some inmates looking for some words to kill time with (no pun intended), people looking for a more intimate conversation or even a spouse and some were very scary.

I finally selected three ads, did the google-hunting-thing and mailed one of the three selected people. Quite scary I can tell you. But it looks like there is a match! My first letter is on its way and I’m curious to see how this turns out.