2 Comments on FML!

The blues is still playing. It’s okay when I’m around people, I feel normal. But when I’m home alone it hits me. All the plans I have for the evening disappear. Watching that movie I wanted to have time for for months. Working on my aquarium. Trying a new vegetarian recipe to broaden my taste. Playing with one of my typewriters. Or start taking walks again. I just cannot motivate myself to do it and feel so much emptiness. I don’t know where it’s coming from, haven’t felt like this in a very long time.

The last couple of days it’s worse again. Stupid technical stuff preventing me to do my job. Coming home discovering my internet connection broke down. Finding another (two out of three already) Apistogramma Biteaniata’s dead in the tank. Discovering a cyst on the already sick cat. And today my house looks like a horror movie after the cyst popped open and cat ran all across the kitchen, living room and hallway…

I can only say one thing today. FML! Let’s cuddle one of the other four cats and go to bed. Hopefully it’s better tomorrow.